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Third-Party Attachments & Accessories

These are attachments & accessories made for use on Gravely tractors by companies other than Gravely.

Dates shown are publication dates and do not necessarily represent the date when the equipment described was manufactured.



Amerind-MacKissic, Inc.

Mighty Mac Compost Shredder-Grinders, Models 9-G & 9-GC 704 KB (posted 09/15/04)

Instructions For Mounting A Mighty Mac Shredder-Grinder On A Gravely Four Wheel Tractor 237 KB (posted 09/15/04)

Operating Instructions For A Mighty Mac Shredder-Grinder 148 KB (posted 09/15/04)

Parts List, Operating And Assembly Instructions For Gravely Two And Four Wheel Tractor Attachments 7.2 MB (posted 10/29/10)
Undated, but parts drawings are dated 1976 through 1981. Covers various Mighty Mac Shredder/Grinder, Chipper/Shredder, and Sprayer models.



Chief Industries, Inc.

Chief Starter Kits For Large Lawn And Garden Equipment 280 KB (posted 10/29/10)
Undated, but appears to be from the late 1950s. Note that an Electro-Start Senior starter/generator kit is listed for the Gravely Model L.



Cogan Valley Machine Company

Assembly & Operation Instructions for the 2nd Generation Gravely Quick Hitch Old Style Snow Plow Adapter 3.7 MB (posted 10/16/10)
Adapts old-style 4-bolt snow plows to allow Quich Hitch mounting.

Assembly & Operation Instructions for the Gravely Quick Hitch Non Powered Attachment Adapter 3.3 MB (posted 10/16/10)
Adapts old-style 4-bolt non-powered attachments to allow Quick Hitch mounting.



Haban Manufacturing Company

Haban Model 413 Sickle Bar Mower Attachment for Gravely 800 Series Tractors - Operation & Service Manual (Apr 1973) 2.1 MB (posted 10/02/03)



K-W Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Kwik-Way Hydraulic Front End Loader (Nov 1975) 590 KB (posted 05/14/11)
Kwik-Way Model LGR480-74 Front End Loader assembly, operating, maintenance and parts manual for Gravely 400 and 800 series 4-wheel tractors.

Kwik-Way Hydraulic Loader Model 45-17111 For Gravely 24-G 2.8 MB (posted 12/09/11)
Kwik-Way Loader specifically for the Gravely 24-G.

Kwik-Way Blower Owner's Manual 1.1 MB (posted 05/14/11)
Kwik-Way Model 65-02310 Blower for Gravely 2-wheel tractors 12 HP and up with Quick Hitch.

Kwik-Way Vacuum Kit Owner's Manual 273 KB (posted 05/14/11)
Kwik-Way Model 64-00310 Vacuum Kit for Kwik-Way Model 65-02310 Blower.



Kelly Manufacturing Company

Jenkins Overhead Valve Kit for Gravely Tractors 5.6 MB (posted 02/08/11)
The Jenkins head was designed and patented by Harold L. Jenkins, and was made by the Kelly Manufacturing Company of Charlston, West Virginia from the mid 1950s through the early 1960s. This ad is undated, but does not show a ZIP code for Kelly Manufacturing so is probably before 1963.



Kemp Shredder Company

Kemp Shredders Supplementary Operating Instructions (Nov 1972) 480 KB (posted 05/29/05) (file size reduced & image enhanced 06/26/05)
Not specifically for the Gravely version of the Kemp Shredder, but contains useful tips on using the discharge door, the baffle plate tensioner, and the stone ejector.



Nieman Equipment Company

Nieman Power Roof Remover 5.8 MB (posted 03/19/11) (new scan 12/11/11)
This is the attachment used on the front of the Gravely Roofer Tractors to strip roofing.



Pennington Manufacturing Company

Pennington 48" Gravely Mower Attachment Model 690A - Parts List (circa 1962) 272 KB (posted 05/26/11)

Pennington 48" Gravely Mower Attachment Model 690A - Parts Price List (Aug 1, 1962) 227 KB (posted 05/26/11)



The Terramite Corporation

The Terrific Terramite Backhoe (1968) 2.1 MB (posted 03/13/11)
1968 sales brochure for the Terramite 1 Backhoe. Kelly G. Cunningham manufactured the Terramite 1 from 1965 through 1972 at Diesel Sales & Service, which became the Terramite Corporation. Most Terramite 1 backhoes are based on the Convertible 7.6, but a few very late ones are based on the Kohler-powered Commercial series walk-behinds. Terramite still exists as a brand name of TerraQuip Construction Products, Inc. The Terramite web site is at

Introducing The New Gravely MiniBackhoe: The ConTractor 3 MB (posted 12/19/11)
Undated two page flyer issued by Gravely, rebranding the Terramite 1 as the Gravely ConTractor.

Terramite Model 1 for 7.6 Gravely Tractor - Operator's Manual and Illustrated Parts List 278 KB (posted 08/05/11)
Undated Terramite Model 1 owner's manual. The bottoms of some pages are cut off, but the person who provided the scan doesn't have access to the original. If you have a good original you can scan for me (or will lend to me so I can scan it), please contact me.



The Thackery Company

The Unicorn Log Splitter 812 KB (posted 03/30/08)
Assembly and usage instructions.



United Farm Tools, Inc.

Everything else on this page is a third-party attachment made by another manufacturer for use on Gravely tractors. You might describe the Mountaineer as a third-party tractor made for use with Gravely attachments.

In the mid 1930s Murry Dean Harper worked with B.F. Gravely, Clarence Robb, and Eustace Rose on the design of the new Gravely Model L tractor. Robb and Harper left in 1937 after B.F. Gravely lost control of the company to D. Ray Hall. Dean Harper built the prototype "Harper Tractor" in 1969, then sold the design to D. Ray Hall (some accounts say to Clarence Robb), who renamed it the "Mountaineer Tractor" and manufactured them in the 1970's and 1980's at United Farm Tools in Charleston, West Virginia.

The Mountaineer is notable for attaining more speed ranges with a transmission that was simpler than the Gravely's, and for the fact that powered attachments for the Mountaineer and Gravely are interchangeable.

Mountaineer Tractor And Attachments 1.9 MB (posted 08/27/11)
Color brochure describing the Mountaineer Model 88 and 120 tractors and Mountaineer attachments. Undated.

Mountaineer Tractor Operator's Manual, Models 88 R/E & 120E 1.3 MB (posted 08/27/11)
Combined operator's manual and parts list. May be missing some pages. Undated

Mountaineer Transmission Service Manual, Model 88 & 120 5.3 MP (posted 08/27/11)
Combined service manual and parts list. May be from 1983/1984.

Mountaineer 60" Rotary Mower Manual, Model 885 298 KB (posted 08/27/11)
Combined operator's manual and parts list. Undated.



The W-W Grinder Corporation

The following items came with the W-W Model 5-20-VL I bought new in February 1979. There was no comprehensive manual, just a lot of individual sheets. Many were poorly printed, so the quality of these scans varies quite a bit.

March 03, 2012
The Ultimate In Shredder-Grinders: W-W For Compost, Mulch, Soil & Other Organic Materials 10.7 MB (posted 03/03/12)
Brochure describing the entire W-W Grinder range of 1976.

Model 5-VL W-W Grinder/Shredder For Gravely Tractor 1.1 MB (posted 04/12/04)
Flyer for 8 inch cylinder model designed to bolt & clamp to Gravely PTO attachment. Undated, but must be 1978 or earlier because W-W switched to Quick Hitch mounting in 1979.

Model 5-20-VL W-W Grinder/Shredder For Gravely Tractor 241 KB (posted 04/12/04) (reduced file size & enhanced image 04/14/04)
Flyer for 20 inch cylinder model designed to bolt & clamp to Gravely PTO attachment. Undated, but must be 1978 or earlier because W-W switched to Quick Hitch mounting in 1979.

March 03, 2012
W-W Shredder-Grinders For Gravely Tractors 3.4 MB (posted 04/12/04) (new scan 03/03/12)
Flyer for the Quick Hitch versions of the 8 inch & 20 inch models. Undated, but definitely 1979 as that's when I received it & that's when W-W first offered a Quick Hitch model.

March 03, 2012
Repair Parts List For Model 5-VL With 20" Cylinder (Nov 1977) 232 KB (posted 04/12/04) (new scan 03/03/12)
Parts List for PTO-mounted 5-20-VL.

Repair Parts List For Model 5-VL With 20" Cylinder (Feb 1979) 100 KB (posted 04/12/04)
Parts List for Quick Hitch-mounted 5-20-VL.

March 03, 2012
20" Model W-W Grinder/Shredder For Gravely Tractors 270 KB (posted 04/12/04) (new scan 03/03/12)
Unpacking, assembly & operating instructions for PTO-mounted 5-20-VL. Undated, but must be 1978 or earlier because W-W switched to Quick Hitch mounting in 1979.

March 03, 2012
Assembly Instructions For 5-VL and 5-20-VL 82 KB (posted 03/03/12)
Assembly and mounting instructions for the Quick Hitch version of the 5-VL and 5-20-VL.

Mounting For Gravely Tractor (Jan 1979) 28 KB (posted 04/12/04) (reduced file size & enhanced image 04/14/04)
Quick Hitch mounting supplement.

March 04, 2012
The W-W Guide to easy Compost 6.9 MB (posted 03/04/12)

Grinding Material 91 KB (posted 04/12/04) (reduced file size & enhanced image 04/14/04)
Tips on grinding different types of material.

Fact Sheet: Rigid Cylinder Hammers vs. Swing Cylinder Hammers 60 KB (posted 04/12/04)

How The W-W Grinder/Shredder Handles Dry & Wet Materials 69 KB (posted 04/12/04) (reduced file size & enhanced image 04/14/04)



Wisconsin Motor Corporation

It Will Pay You To Install A Wisconsin Model BKN 7 HP Engine Tailored For Your Gravely Tractor (Nov 1965) 457 KB (posted 05/01/05)
Installation instructions & parts list.

Wisconsin Air Cooled Heavy Duty Engines: Instruction Book And Parts List, Models ACN, BKN 13.4 MB (posted 08/15/10)

Wisconsin BKN Engine Parts List 664 KB (posted 08/29/06)
Not specific to the Gravely conversion kit.

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