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Where To Get Gravely Help

Visitors to OldGravelys.Net sometimes e-mail questions about their Gravelys to me. I try to answer them all, but life frequently gets in the way so I can't promise a quick response. Or any response at all, for that matter. Also keep in mind that most of my experience has been with the Model L and attachments designed to work with it. I'm not the best person to ask about other Gravely models.

The Gravely Forum at MyTractorForum.com (MTF)

One of the better open forums on the net. Go to the Gravely Tractor Forum at MyTractorForum.com.

The Gravely Club Group On Yahoo

Another place to ask your questions is the Gravely Club group on Yahoo. It currently (January 2012) has about 6,200 members, including a large number of very knowledgeable people. If you ask your questions there you have a very good chance of receiving good information very quickly.

If you have a Gravely question PLEASE join the Yahoo Gravely Club group or the MTF forum and ask there!

You can participate on the Gravely Club web page or by e-mail, depending on your personal preferences.

To participate via the Gravely Club web site:

Go to the Gravely Club Home Page. Once there, click the "Join This Group" button.

Or simply click the Yahoo Groups image below

Click to join gravelyclub

To participate via e-mail:

Subscribe to Gravely Club group e-mail by sending an e-mail to: It doesn't matter what the message text says. Just sending an e-mail to that address will add you to the Gravely Club group.

Or simply fill in your e-mail address and click the Yahoo Groups image below to subscribe

Subscribe to gravelyclub

I recommend joining via the Web site because having a Yahoo login and password gives you access to the files and photos sections of the group's Web site. You can then edit your profile to have Gravely Club messages delivered via e-mail if you prefer to participate that way.

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